The BMW European Table offers a framework for leaders from EU member states and neighboring societies to reflect on concrete ways to strengthen the European Union. For more than 70 years, the EU has contributed greatly to peace, stability, and prosperity on the continent. But it is currently going through a profound crisis of confidence.

We want leaders to arrive at a sober analysis of the reasons for this loss of trust and to understand why so many citizens have disengaged from the EU. What can we do to tackle the current challenges and to open up space for new opportunities? Together with leaders from all parts of our societies, we want to search for bold ideas to help shape positive change.

This crisis can only be overcome if governments, businesses, and civil society develop a new form of partnership. The aim should be a reform of the European Union as a community which is home to all European citizens. We bring together people in positions of responsibility who want to assume responsibility for the future of the European Union.

Latest Stories
Aida-HadzialicAida-Hadzialic is Director and Partner at Nordic West Office and former minister in the Swedish government. Ministry of Education.

What Europe Has to Offer in a Digitized World

Robert KrimmerRobert Krimmer, Professor of e-Governance, Tallinn University of Technology, at the BMW European Table, Estonia.

How E-Governance Can Create a More Inclusive State

Ricardo Baptista LeiteDigitization

“We Need to Prepare People for Civic Responsibilities”

Upcoming events
  • Paris
    BMW Foundation European Table

    Migration, Security and European Citizens

    Migration is one of the three main security concerns of European citizens, besides terrorism and extremism. Across Europe, populist politicians are polarizing societies and spreading fear among citizens. Tensions between the EU countries are rising.

    At the European Table in Neuville-Bosc, we want to analyze how the EU can make its citizens feel more secure and what role national governments and civil societies can play in this process. Together with leaders from business, politics, and civil society, we will explore migration not as a security threat but as an opportunity for economic and cultural prosperity. Finally, we want to encourage participants to take concrete initiatives to support this process.

Past events
  • Tallinn
    BMW Foundation European Table

    Digitization – A Job Creator for Europe?

    Global digitization is leading to far-reaching changes in many areas of social life and work. Automation, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things are just a few of the buzzwords that describe this worldwide process of digital transformation. At the 1st BMW Foundation European Table in Estonia, international decision-makers will discuss whether digitization can also serve as a growth and job engine for Europe.

    What exactly is the added value of the digital single market for creating new or transforming existing job markets? How can the EU shape the digital transformation and involve all segments of the population? How can EU citizens actively co-create this process?

    With a view to Europe’s continuing identity crisis, we want to look at what institutions and citizens can do to shape these developments in accordance with European values.