For us, pro bono is an instrument to get professionals and leaders involved in voluntary engagement. They use their skills in the service of a good cause – that is, pro bono – without being paid for it. For most NGOs do not have the resources to buy professional services.

In 2012 we, together with the U.S.-based Taproot Foundation, founded the Global Pro Bono Network. This network comprises pro bono intermediaries from all over the world who serve as links and liaisons between nonprofit organizations and skilled professionals. The network currently comprises 48 organizations in 31 countries.

By providing ongoing support to the network and the annual Global Pro Bono Summit, we want to promote the pro bono engagement of leaders worldwide.

Past events
  • Mumbai
    Pro Bono

    Global Pro Bono Summit 2018

    The Global Pro Bono Summit 2018 in Mumbai is hosted by iVolunteer, with support from the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the Taproot Foundation, and the Global Pro Bono Network.

    The annual Global Pro Bono Summit is an exclusive convening of global pro bono service leaders who come together to share insights and develop strategies to further drive the pro bono movement. Participants from corporations, foundations, the public sphere, NGOs, and intermediaries will gather to discuss innovations and, together, explore the global potential of the pro bono movement.

    Topics will include cross-sector partnerships and their impact on community challenges, the growing use of technology in the pro bono movement, the leadership development potential of pro bono for NGOs and corporations, and other innovations in the movement.