The BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network is a diverse, collaborative, and joyful community that drives positive change. Members of the network have participated in one of our leadership programs and have been selected for membership in the network by the Foundation.

A Responsible Leader is a leader who, beyond his or her professional and personal duties, works towards positive social change – across communities, cultures, and countries. Responsible Leaders see social and political challenges as an incentive to assume responsibility in a larger context, using their knowledge and skills, their networks, and their influence. They are guided by a deep respect for other people, their background, identity, and dignity.

Every network member commits to playing an active part in shaping the network. This includes connecting with others and embracing the varied opportunities for social engagement. In addition, we also support impactful tools and initiatives to activate the members of our network and leverage their impact for the common good worldwide.

Here are some facts about the 2,510 members of our growing global Responsible Leaders Network.




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