• Tallinn
    BMW Foundation European Table

    Digitization – A Job Creator for Europe?

    Global digitization is leading to far-reaching changes in many areas of social life and work. Automation, artificial intelligence, Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things are just a few of the buzzwords that describe this worldwide process of digital transformation. At the 1st BMW Foundation European Table in Estonia, international decision-makers will discuss whether digitization can also serve as a growth and job engine for Europe.

    What exactly is the added value of the digital single market for creating new or transforming existing job markets? How can the EU shape the digital transformation and involve all segments of the population? How can EU citizens actively co-create this process?

    With a view to Europe’s continuing identity crisis, we want to look at what institutions and citizens can do to shape these developments in accordance with European values.

  • Baltimore
    Responsible Leaders Forum

    Inclusive Societies for Stable Democracies

    The BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Forum North America aims to inject new ideas into the public debate about elites, solidarity, and social inclusion. To this end, we bring together leaders from all walks of life on the American east coast.

    The Foundation’s work is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The Forum focuses specifically on one of these goals: Reduced Inequalities (SDG 10). Along with the participants, we will discuss how to make societies more inclusive and just as a precondition to stable democracies.

    Baltimore is a vivid example of a metropolitan area confronted with deep structural changes, racial divisions, and poverty. We have chosen the region as a case study to analyze how these changes alienate large parts of the population – especially those with a high dependence on traditional industries. We will focus on developments that are seen by many people all over the world as a threat and that cause societies to drift apart.

  • Berlin
    Berlin Global Forum

    Restoring Public Trust

    Our BMW Foundation Global Table series concludes every two years with the Berlin Global Forum. In the heart of the German capital, we present results, cross-sector initiatives, and political recommendations for action that have emerged during the Global Table process to an international public.

    During the last two years, our focus has been on good governance in fragile societies. Five BMW Foundation Global Tables took place in the Netherlands, Tunisia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Colombia, and Greece. Topics included the lack of trust in state institutions, the radicalization of youth, and the difficulties of achieving reconciliation and transitional justice in post-conflict societies.

    The Berlin Global Forum is about an equal exchange, convening leaders and decision-makers from all walks of life and world regions for a strategic dialogue. We believe that global challenges can only be solved collectively and especially by bringing together different perspectives. This way, we want to contribute to the development of concrete solutions in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.