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Benita Rosen

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About Benita Rosen

Benita Rosen joined the team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in May 2016. She organizes and develops leadership formats and pushes forward the topic of Responsible Leadership.

Already while studying for her teacher’s certificate, Benita dealt with topics such as assuming responsibility and equality of opportunity. Given the large need and demand, she founded an advisory network for future teachers, which has since become an integral part of the University of Passau. Moreover, she wrote her thesis on “Stereotype Threat” drawing attention to the unconscious stereotyping by teachers and the resulting discrimination of students. Based on a quantitative survey, it was the first thesis that empirically investigated the topic at German schools.

Benita Rosen grew up in Berlin and moved to beautiful Bavaria for her studies. From this moment on, she moved back and forth between northern and southern Germany – also in connection with joining the Berlin office of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft. As assistant to the office manager, she dealt with the opportunities and challenges of digitization at German universities.

Barely two years later, Benita moved from the Spree river back to the Isar. At the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation, she was mainly responsible for the Lehr:werkstatt educational project, implementing, developing, and scaling the project to Baden-Württemberg. The Lehr:werkstatt project is both sustainable and forward-looking, since it involves teachers, schools, and governments equally in the training of teachers.

Through her work for the BMW Foundation, Benita is now able to work in both the Berlin and Munich offices, combining the inspiration from both cities.