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Claudia Straßer

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Who is your hero?

Sophie Scholl, because she fearlessly fought for an open and just society, which far too many people today take for granted or even want to destroy.

About Claudia Straßer

Claudia Straßer has been with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since 2015 and is currently responsible for the Foundation’s activities in North America. A key aspect of her work is strengthening and building the Foundation’s network of Responsible Leaders, partners, and other relevant stakeholders in the United States and Canada.

In the last few years, she has also established the Transatlantic Core Group, a cross-sector network of German and U.S. American leaders who identify innovative approaches to strengthening German-American relations. Under Claudia’s guidance, the group deals with social challenges on both sides of the Atlantic: from education and economic issues to social divisions to local integration issues.

Bringing together people across continents and developing solutions to social and political challenges have defined Claudia’s work even before she joined the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. She previously worked for the Robert Bosch Foundation, where she first engaged with education and health issues before directing the foundation’s transatlantic programs for several years.

She got to know the United States on a student exchange, but after her Abitur was first drawn to the Spanish-speaking world. After spending a year in Barcelona where she learned Spanish, she immersed herself in the Ibero-American world as a student of languages, business and cultural studies in Passau und Buenos Aires. While still a student, she worked at the German Embassy in Argentina and at the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, where she gained deeper insight into international relations. She got her first whiff of the foundation world while working for the Bertelsmann Foundation; today, she shares her experiences in the foundation sector with her students at the University of Freiburg.

Claudia is very much interested in the fine arts and contemporary dance – not least because she herself has been doing ballet since childhood. A native of Bavaria, she loves the mountains and lakes in the foothills of the Alps.