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Juliana Koehl

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About Juliana Koehl

Juliana Koehl has been working in Network Data Management/IT and Organizational Support since October 2016. Among her colleagues, she is known for being able to read every database, and the IT problems for which she needs to enlist the help of the BMW Group’s IT support are few and far between.

She is not even a trained computer scientist, but studied Nonprofit Management and Public Governance at the Berlin School of Economics and Law as well as Public Management at the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences. There, as a research assistant in the MBA Program in Higher Education and Knowledge Management, she also gained first experiences in the field of alumni relations.

Juliana joined the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in 2015 to attend to the global Responsible Leaders Network. Together with colleagues, she produced a digital CV booklet for the 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum in Munich, the largest Foundation event to date. As a result, she was able to put biographical information to basically every single one of the 500 faces at the Forum.

After completing her Abitur, she trained to become a management assistant in the tourism and leisure industry in the district of Osnabrück. For several years now, Juliana has lived in Berlin – more precisely, in Friedrichshain, the natural biotope of all non-native night owls. A child of the 90s, she dances to the capital’s techno sounds and preferably wears minimalistic black, both on the dance floor and in the office.