At a time when the relations between Germany and the Russian Federation are strained, the BMW Foundation considers it vital to provide a platform for an open exchange between responsible leaders from both countries.

Organized by the BMW Foundation in cooperation with the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations, the German-Russian Dialogue Baden-Baden provides participants with an opportunity to engage with leading German and Russian entrepreneurs and prominent representatives of the two countries’ political, cultural, and social sectors.

The new format is designed to enable an interactive exchange in working groups, using design thinking, scenario forecasts, and networking in nature programs to create robust and sustainable ties between the participants. The Dialogue aims not only to strengthen German-Russian relations at the non-governmental level but also to collaboratively discuss and explore key issues of relevance to both societies.

With innovation, globalization, digitization, and the new social media ranking as the foremost challenges to our societies and economies, the overarching focus of the program is on Responsible Leadership.

Past events
  • Kaliningrad
    German-Russian Dialogue

    X. German-Russian Dialogue’s Alumni Meeting

    This year’s 10th edition of the German-Russian Dialogue’s Alumni Meeting will be held on May 31– June 2, 2018, in Kaliningrad. This time, some 20 former participants of the annual Baden-Baden Dialogue from both countries will participate in a site visit to two Russian social start-ups and the BMW production plant, discuss the future of the Kaliningrad region with its Vice-Governor, and explore the Curonian spit.