More and more companies want to assume responsibility for society and the environment as good citizens. From this new thinking has emerged a global movement that we subsume under the term “impact business.” We use this instrument to help business and corporate leaders make their business models more sustainable and holistic.

In Latin America, we therefore cooperate with Sistema B, a community of leaders and impact businesses who drive forward the movement. Sistema B draws inspiration from the successful work of the B Lab, the U.S. American version of this alternative economic model.

Given limited resources, growing environmental pollution, and the obvious limits to growth, economic success needs to be redefined. In other words, success is not only reflected in quarterly figures. Success is reflected in how a company makes strategic use of its business model to improve people’s lives and protect the environment.

Past events
  • Munich
    Impact Business

    Purpose and Profit: Rethinking Corporate Property

    The question of new forms of ownership is currently occupying many companies. Independence and sense-orientation are at the centre of the debate about “purpose” as a new economic paradigm that replaces the one-sided orientation towards shareholder value maximization. Among the pioneers are start-ups such as Einhorn, Ecosia and Soulbottles, but also medium-sized companies such as Elobau, Alnatura, Arche Naturkost and Waschbär.

    More and more companies are changing their ownership structure in order to remain meaningful and independent in the long run. This means: a company belongs to itself permanently and is managed by people who are personally connected to it. Profits are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

    Together with the Purpose Foundation we are hosting a BMW Foundation Impact Salon on the topic of Sense and Profit Rethinking Corporate Property at our Foundation House in Munich.