Impact investing aims not only to generate financial return; it also expressly seeks to create social return. Through our work, we want to help make sure that investment capital will be used even more deliberately as a lever for positive social change.

We raise the awareness of potential investors for the impact investing approach through workshops and publications, assist in implementing innovative financial instruments, and work towards improving the political and legal frameworks for impact investing.

Through collaborating with our Responsible Leaders as well as foundations, intermediaries, personal and institutional investor networks, development aid organizations, and government and public administration representatives, we help build a professional impact investing ecosystem, both nationally and internationally.

Our work in this key area so far includes the publication of a Guide to Impact Investing for German foundations in cooperation with the Association of German Foundations as well as collaborations with the international impact investing network TONIIC and the Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth in Switzerland.

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Past events
  • Munich
    Impact Investment Program

    Global Goals: Strengthening Africa With Investments

    The BMW Foundation together with its network partner PHINEO, a non-profit consultancy, will convene a group of impact investors in Munich to discuss how the UN Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved on the African continent through impact investment. The event will provide a platform for impact investors to exchange best practices in trying to promote sustainable development through investment in Africa. It will also feature entrepreneurs telling the story about how they are striving to make a tangible impact on the ground.

  • Munich
    Impact Investment Program

    Munich Impact Investing Stammtisch

    The next Munich Impact Investing Stammtisch will take place on November 26. Karen Hitschke, Chief Information Officer at Yunus Social Business, will present the world’s first “Social Success Note,” an innovative financing model for water filtration systems in Uganda.

    The Stammtisch will be hosted by Hogan Lovells, at Karl-Scharnagl-Ring 5. The event will start at 6:00 p.m., refreshments will be served. Registration is required. Please send an e-mail to Kerstin von Aretin.

  • Paretz
    Impact Investment Program

    Kick-off Workshop of the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing

    According to the UN, it takes an additional US$2.5 trillion annually to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Impact investing is one possibility to mobilize private capital. In the German financial industry, however, impact investing is still considered a niche sector.

    The Bundesinitiative Impact Investing wants to change this and promote the development of an impact investing ecosystem in Germany. On September 27 and 28, more than 50 impact investing pioneers from different sectors will meet for a kick-off workshop to lay the groundwork for the future activities of this cross-sector initiative.

    The Bundesinitiative is supported by the Bertelsmann Foundation, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the Association of German Foundations, and Phineo. As National Advisory Board to the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment, the initiative is an integral part of the worldwide impact investment movement.

  • Alpbach
    Impact Investment Program

    Alpbach Declaration on Impact Investing – From Good Intentions to Real Impact

    Just over 10 years after the term “impact investing” was coined, the field is at a crossroads. Large-scale mainstream players are entering the space with significant funds committed to impact investing. More than ever, impact investing can do great good – for example by funding the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda of the UN.

    At this critical juncture, no principles exist to help distinguish an impact investment from a conventional investment. Enduring principles for impact investment need to be established. These principles will have to be defined by the most renowned thinkers and experts in the field.

    The Alpbach retreat, supported by the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, the Global Wallace Fund, the Open Society Foundation, and the Vodafone Institute, will do just that. Up to 40 leading and influential people from all parts of the impact investing ecosystem will meet in the state of Tyrol in Austria. They will work together to define principles for impact investing that any player in the field should respect. The goal is to specifically take on the challenge of SDG #1: “End poverty in all its forms everywhere,” working on concrete cases to define how the principles should apply. The retreat takes place as part of the European Forum Alpbach.

  • Munich
    Impact Investment Program

    Munich Impact Investing Stammtisch

    We are looking forward to the second Munich Impact Investing Stammtisch this year. Nina Freudenberg, Invest Manager of Sonanz, will give a presentation on the topic of „Private Equity Fonds in underserved markets“.

    This time, we will be guests of the Siemens Foundation (Kaiserstraße 16), which offers an ideal setting for lively networking and interesting discussions. The event will start at 6.30 p.m., refreshments and snacks will be provided. Please sign up until June 6 with David Eckert.