An Impact Session is a flexible and solution-oriented workshop format. It offers Responsible Leaders an opportunity to solve, together with other members of the Network, a specific challenge or issue faced by their organization. These can be financing and marketing issues but also matters related to scaling or reorienting the organization.

The wealth of experiences and the diversity of the selected Impact Session participants open up new perspectives for the organization: It can take a fresh look at possible solutions and test its ideas in the group. The participants activate their professional and personal networks and open doors to valuable contacts such as entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and key influencers. At the same time, Impact Sessions also generate possibilities for future collaboration among Responsible Leaders.

An Impact Session is an enriching and inspiring leadership experience for both sides – the featured organization and the participants. Especially within the regional networks, it is a great opportunity for Responsible Leaders to network and get involved.

Past events
  • Moscow
    Impact Session

    Bridging Generations in Russia

    Generationsbrücke Deutschland has created a multi-dimensional approach to fostering intergenerational understanding and dialogue. Following a systematized methodology, the social enterprise builds regular, long-term relationships between kindergarten and school-age kids on the one hand and residents of nursing homes on the other. These meetings bring joy and love into the lives of the elderly, while the children, too, experience how much fun it can be to spend quality time with older people.

    In cooperation with Generationsbrücke Deutschland and the International Alumni Center, the BMW Foundation organizes an Impact Session that will focus on the introduction of the intergenerational initiative in Russia. Selected members of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network will discuss the concept of Generationsbrücke and its challenges for Russia, and present a new day-care concept.

  • Berlin
    Impact Session

    How Can Augmania Boost Employment in the MENA Region?

    Unemployment rates in the MENA region are among the highest in the world. While qualified individuals seek job and further training opportunities abroad, growing digital economies offer new flexible working modalities. They can provide employment in emerging sectors and thereby retain talent in the region.

    Founded in 2015 in Silicon Valley, Augmania is a web-based, interactive campaign builder providing Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to marketeers around the globe. The founder and CEO of Augmania, Rania Reda, envisions to boost new skills and create new employment opportunities in the MENA region by pushing for local development of AR content. The tool is planned to be available free of charge to partners with social impact.

    This BMW Foundation Impact Session convenes selected members of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, who make themselves available bro bono to tackle and provide solutions for a number of challenges Rania is facing to make her vision reality.