We believe that social and political change is brought about not only by nonprofit organizations or social actors. In fact, established companies often have greater influence and wider reach. Therefore, we support Responsible Leaders who, as intrapreneurs, drive forward positive change in the private and public sectors.

Intrapreneurs do not wait for change to come from outside; they are changing the system from within. As employees in businesses and administrations, they address urgent challenges of our times and seek to achieve measurable results – in a variety of different fields such as the environment, human rights, education or health. They break down entrenched structures, which often impede individual innovation in organizations.

On the structural level, this can only succeed if the concept spreads globally. Therefore, the BMW Foundation is a founding member of the global movement the League of Intrapreneurs. This steadily growing network develops innovative approaches and solutions, connects intrapreneurs around the world, and thus systemically advances social change. Every year, key players in the field come together at the Global Social Intrapreneurship Summit, which is co-organized by the Foundation.