The BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt inspires leaders to take their engagement for the common good to the next level. In this context, we also seek to promote political participation – and focus on the Global Diplomacy Lab as an important instrument to achieve this goal. A platform that goes far beyond traditional political approaches, the Global Diplomacy Lab opens up the opportunity to think about a new and more inclusive kind of diplomacy.

For the nature of diplomacy is changing. It is no longer the strict purview of national governments and international organizations. Rather, it takes creative professionals from a variety of fields who see themselves as ambassadors and want to get politically involved. People who develop new forms of communication to formulate an agenda for collective action.

The Global Diplomacy Lab is managed by a Secretariat based at the Federal Foreign Office. It is responsible for organizing regular meetings worldwide and promoting an ongoing dialogue between partners, alumni, and external stakeholders. The Foundation recommends participants for the Global Diplomacy Labs from within its Responsible Leaders Network.

Past events
  • Munich
    Political Participation

    Book Reading and Discussion “Hotel Dellbrück”

    Through our book reading-cum-discussion, we want to get Responsible Leaders engaged with issues such as flight, migration, and search for identity, all of which are related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Michael Göring, chair of the Zeit-Stiftung, will read from his current novel “Hotel Dellbrück” and discuss the book’s historical background with Horst Möller, the former director of the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History.

    Following on “Spiegelberg – Roman einer Generation” (Spiegelberg – Novel of a Generation), Michael Göring in his fourth novel again deals with major themes around the German war and post-war experience. The generational novel tells of the fate of the Jewish children who in the late 1930s were sent to the UK in the so-called Kindertransport. Based on individual stories, Michael Göring traces the big societal transformations, from the Wirtschaftswunder (economic miracle) of the 1950s to the self-emancipation and search for meaning of the ’68 generation to the present-day refugee crisis. He emphasizes how important it is not to miss the right moment to boldly step into the unknown.