Every day leaders around the world take decisions that are instrumental in helping shape the world of tomorrow. We believe that these leaders can play a major role in bringing about positive social change in accordance with the 2030 Agenda – both in their personal and professional environments.

Therefore, we invite those leaders to participate in our Responsible Leaders Forums to jointly reflect on their role as leaders, share their experiences and expertise, and learn from each other. For mutual inspiration and networking offers great potential for change.

The participants of these multi-day leadership programs are carefully selected to facilitate the dialogue across countries, sectors, and cultures. We organize up to three forums a year with approx. 40 participants each in different regions of the world.


“The Responsible Leaders Forum was a unique experience in which every single attendee was a formidable individual with outstanding contributions to the group. I had never attended an event with such a high quality of committed professionals. We need to individually and collectively take action now to make our cities, our towns, and our communities more livable and lovable.”

Daniel Martinez-Valle, CEO, Mexichem, Mexico


“I thought, I went to Chile for a professional trip – yet I came back from a personal journey. This was one of the most inspiring experiences I’ve ever had: thanks to all of you, amazing peers, and to BMW Foundation for daring to be revolutionary and do things in a different way.”

Maria Fare Garcia, UNDP, SDG Action Campaign, New York


“I did not expect this conference to so deeply change my perspectives on my role in creating social change. I have left the weekend so humbled and grateful for the opportunity to learn from others and to learn about my own leadership.”

Stephanie Procyk, Manager of Research, Public Policy and Evaluation at United Way Toronto & York Region


“The Responsible Leaders Forum has no doubt been the most powerful forum I have witnessed and participated in. It is not only a gathering of remarkable practitioners with outstanding and proven commitment to driving social impact: it’s effectively an international community of leaders who are committed to supporting each other to accelerate and multiply such impact. I commend the BMW Foundation not only for their convening of this remarkable group, but also for helping galvanize a true community that goes far beyond mere transactional relationships. I am honored to be part of it, and personally look forward to continuing to strengthen it, and to working together to scale up our collective societal impact.”

Alejandro Álvarez von Gustedt, International Venture Philanthropy Center, Madrid

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Past events
  • Marseilles
    Responsible Leaders Forum

    Responsible Leaders Forum Mediterranean

    Serving as a bridge between the MENA region and southern Europe, the port city of Marseilles embodies the common cultural history and the complex interdependencies of the Mediterranean region. The BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Forum Mediterranean will acknowledge the great diversity and dynamism in this part of the world and reflect on the opportunities and challenges this offers to our collective humanity.

    We live in an age of high connectivity, where change happens at lightning speed. Every day around the globe, leaders are making far-reaching decisions that shape the future. It’s time to reflect on how we assume responsibility, how we lead, and how we can collectively create a better tomorrow. Together with 40 leaders from all sectors and from around the globe, participants will have the opportunity to share and expand their expertise and knowledge.

  • Santiago de Chile
    Responsible Leaders Forum

    Responsible Leaders Forum Latin America

    Through our work in Latin America during the last five years, the Responsible Leaders Network in the region has grown to 100 members, and we have established partnerships with 40 organizations in 13 countries. We want to further strengthen and expand this network through our Responsible Leaders Forum in Chile. Therefore, we have invited leaders from around the world to experience tools for leadership in Latin America and explore the potential of the Sustainable Development Goals for responsible leadership. The Forum will put each participant’s personality, skills, and creativity center stage and by doing so create an environment for mutual learning and networking. Furthermore, we are partnering with the International Festival of Social Innovation (fiiS) that will take place prior to the Forum and provide an opportunity to get to know innovators from all over Latin America.

  • Baltimore
    Responsible Leaders Forum

    Inclusive Societies for Stable Democracies

    The BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Forum North America aims to inject new ideas into the public debate about elites, solidarity, and social inclusion. To this end, we bring together leaders from all walks of life on the American east coast.

    The Foundation’s work is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. The Forum focuses specifically on the tenth Sustainable Development Goal: Reduced Inequalities. Along with the participants, we will discuss how to make societies more inclusive and just as a precondition to stable democracies.

    Baltimore is a vivid example of a metropolitan area confronted with deep structural changes, racial divisions, and poverty. We have chosen the region as a case study to analyze how these changes alienate large parts of the population – especially those with a high dependence on traditional industries. We will focus on developments that are seen by many people all over the world as a threat and that cause societies to drift apart.

  • Casablanca
    Responsible Leaders Forum

    Unlocking Knowledge Economies – Enabling Inclusive Societies

    At the Responsible Leaders Forum MENA, we want to explore opportunities for promoting knowledge economies in the Middle East and North Africa region. For the region’s big informal sector impedes the transformation towards a forward-looking knowledge-based economy.

    We want to find out how improving the transfer of knowledge and expertise across professional and national borders can help promote a more resilient and socially inclusive society. Thematically, the Forum thus builds on the eighth Sustainable Development Goal: Decent work and economic growth.

    The Forum brings together leaders from all sectors and all parts of the world. They will discuss concrete measures that can help close the skills gap and enhance employment opportunities. These include educational offerings, improvements in research, and innovative ICT technologies. During local site visits to innovative organizations, the participants will get to know existing solutions and approaches.