We see the individual commitment of leaders as a unique lever for change. For people in positions of responsibility have a key impact on organizations and institutional structures.

This is why the Responsible Leaders Network is at the core of our work. It connects more than 1,700 Responsible Leaders across over 100 countries. Each member commits to playing an active role in shaping the network. This can include connecting with others, sharing knowledge or experiences, collaborating, and co-creating.


What characterizes the network?

We understand and envision the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network as a community of purpose working jointly towards a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future. Members of the network are highly diverse in origin, profession, and background, yet they are united by a shared purpose to advance the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda. The network is characterized by a strong sense of belonging and trust, which is strengthened through shared experiences during our network activities. Our goal is to foster an atmosphere of friendship, mutual support, respect, and joy within the Responsible Leaders Network.


What happens within the network?

Overall, network activities include:

  • Engaging in dialogue with other leaders and organizations, both locally and globally;
  • Sharing knowledge, experiences, and practices;
  • Co-creating and collaborating;
  • Supporting other Responsible Leaders’ activities or initiatives, both financially and non-financially;
  • Engaging and connecting with new approaches and movements such as social intrapreneurship/entrepreneurship, pro bono, impact investing, political innovation, etc.

Being part of the network provides its members with opportunities to connect to other global communities and movements that they can get involved in or that can help them generate change in their organizations or personal environment. For example, entrepreneurs seeking to elevate social responsibility within their company can connect with movements such as B Corporation, Sistema B, or the League of Intrapreneurs, which will support them using their own methods and tools.

These activities are facilitated by regular regional network meetings as well as other local dialogues. Every four years, the World Responsible Leaders Forum brings together large parts of the network with the goal of create new momentum in the global community.


Who can be a part of the network?

For us, a Responsible Leader is a leader who, beyond his or her professional and personal duties, works towards social change within and between societies – across communities, cultures, and countries. Before joining the network, each member of the Responsible Leaders Network has taken part in one of our immersive leadership programs that we regularly host all over the world. Participants are chosen from all walks of life: business, politics, civil society, academia, arts, media. For us, the most important thing is that they have shown the ability or strong potential to inspire others, to lead by example, to drive change and generate impact.


What is the role of the Foundation in the network?

Our role as an organization is to curate the network and facilitate the interactions and exchanges between and among the Responsible Leaders. We want to be a platform where connections can develop, grow, scale, and lead to impact. On the one hand, our input includes Foundation-driven activities, including staff and financial commitment. On the other hand, we also support activities that emerge from the regional networks (network-driven activities), based on local interests and in keeping with our mission.

We have set up a network governance featuring Network Organizers and Network Drivers for our regional networks. The Network Organizers are employees of the Foundation. They help build a regional community of Responsible Leaders and partners in line with the Foundation’s strategy. Each region also has two or more Network Drivers. They are Responsible Leaders working to help us understand and listen to the voices of other Responsible Leaders in the region. Currently, we have regional networks in Europe, the US, Canada, Brazil, India, and the MENA region.

Upcoming events
  • Virtual
    BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network

    Responsible Leaders Gathering North America

    We understand the current situation as a crucial moment to strengthen ties within our Responsible Leaders Network in Canada and the United States, foster individual and group reflection on issues pertaining to the network, and facilitate collaboration.

    In a co-created process based in small meetings, sessions and open spaces, we aim to support the regional network on the most pressing topics for the region. The gathering starts with preparatory Listening Sessions with Responsible Leaders to craft the upcoming gathering by reflecting on their leadership path and how they can engage with peers.

    By nurturing personal and systemic development through our activities and the regional Responsible Leaders Networks, we aim to contribute to systemic change and to the 2030 Agenda.

Past events
  • Virtual
    BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network

    North American Regional Network Program

    Over the last months, we have once again been reminded of the importance of coming together to explore new possibilities and to understand how we can use this moment in history to think and act differently to create positive impact. Therefore, members of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network, in collaboration with the BMW Foundation, are promoting a workshop series created by Rosario Londono in 2016 and now tailored to the North American Regional Network.

    The Personal Accelerator is a space of possibility aimed at accelerating our Responsible Leaders’ growth and designing of their futures. The program consists of live online sessions, mastermind groups, guided coaching, self-creation, business modeling, and co-creation that introduces new mindsets, habits, and structures into their life’s rhythm.

  • Bkerzay
    BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network

    MENA Responsible Leaders Network Meeting

    The Responsible Leaders Network is at the core of our work at the BMW Foundation. It is a diverse, collaborative, and joyful community that drives positive change. Through various activities and programs, we want to give the members of this network the opportunity to empower each other, exchange ideas, pool resources, and collaborate to advance positive change within the framework of the 2030 AgendaWith our regional network meeting in Lebanon, we want to strengthen our community in the MENA region and give Responsible Leaders in the region the opportunity to connect more deeply.