On a regular basis, we invite Responsible Leaders from all over the world to network, inspire each other, and take their engagement to the next level. The World Responsible Leaders Forum is the centerpiece of our networking activities. It makes visible global trends and serves as a marketplace of ideas and opportunities for Responsible Leaders.

The Forum helps to remobilize the network’s resources, experiences, and know-how and involve Responsible Leaders in the strategic initiatives of the Foundation and its global partners. The 5th World Responsible Leaders Forum in Munich in 2016 brought together 500 participants from over 70 countries. The program is co-created by the participants: Responsible Leaders organize Impact Sessions to gain new ideas and support, and they meet in Thematic Sessions to co-shape the global agenda in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Every World Responsible Leaders Forum takes the participants out into the streets and into the local communities. Where other committed people work to make a difference in their immediate environment, drive social and political change, and look for local solutions – whether in Buenos Aires, Mumbai, Beijing or Munich, all places that have previously hosted the Forum.

Video: Power of the Network