• Munich
    Political Participation

    Global Talk: Now France and Germany are in demand!

    Europe has voted. With a high voter turnout and a clear vote for the pro-European parties, it has come out in favor of a strong European Union. Now, it is up to France and Germany, as the traditional “twin engine” of the EU, to assume responsible leadership and, together with the other member states, take forward the next steps in European integration.

    There are many open questions, however: Can France and Germany use the momentum of the European elections to concertedly realign the EU? In what policy fields can this succeed? What does Responsible Leadership look like in the current situation?

    Sabine Thillaye (LREM – La Republique en Marche), Chair of the European Affairs Committee in the French National Assembly, and Markus Ferber (CSU), Member of the European Parliament, will discuss the opportunities and necessity of strong Franco-German cooperation at BMW Welt.

  • Munich

    Denkraum: Good Life and Sustainable Cities 2030

    Civic participation, climate change, health, and mobility: many global problems are concentrated and intensified in urban areas. But this also makes cities a breeding ground for solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN 2030 Agenda. Through our Denkraum event entitled “Good Life and Sustainable Cities 2030,” we, as a foundation, want to contribute our share.

    The city as a place for solutions: During the Denkraum event, we want to dive deeply into the multifaceted dimensions of this topic. The focus on the Sustainable Development Goal #11 – “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” – provides a positive scenario for participants. We invite our guests to think outside the box. What does Responsible Leadership look like with a view to the common good and life in sustainable cities?

  • Berlin
    Berlin Global Forum

    Breaking the Patterns – Responsible Leadership for Inclusive Societies

    Deeply divided societies have become a reality in many parts of the world, with authoritarian governments coming to power all over the place. Many citizens feel insecure – nationalism, particularism, and a roll-back of liberal and multilateral values are on the rise and rapidly transforming societies everywhere.

    Responsible Leaders in all realms of society are urgently needed to overcome centrifugal tendencies. Often, our individual patterns of thought and behavior do not allow us to see possible solutions. With our Berlin Global Forum we invite participants to think about their own role in society, their own “blind spots,” and their own levers of change.

    A new understanding of our unconscious biases might unleash new dynamics for social cohesion, ultimately providing the precondition for open, inclusive and peaceful societies in line with the 2030 Agenda.