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    Political Participation

    New Alliances for Increased Resilience in the European Neighborhood

    In the last few years, the European Union has largely concentrated on internal challenges instead of helping increase the resilience of its surrounding states and societies. There is a lack of responsible leadership within the EU when it comes to supporting those countries willing to reform in order to join the Union. This is obvious in the Western Balkans, which can be seen as a missed opportunity to create the stable and peaceful environment that is necessary to strengthen Europe as a whole.

    We need an inclusive European resilience policy, which is promoting political reform, rule of law, economic convergence and new forms of collaboration across sectors, nations and societies. Through our international leadership programs and activities in the European region, we aim to contribute to a united, powerful and inclusive EU, in which citizens can voice their interests – and are heard. Our well-established panel discussion at the Munich Security Conference is part of these efforts.