Strategies for Overcoming Urban Violence: Exploring Global Perspectives & Engaging for Local Prevention

The 9th Global Diplomacy Lab aims to create a toolkit that will help reduce inequalities and youth violence in cities. The Impact Lab in Chicago builds on the Incubator Lab in Berlin, where the GDL members got to know each other, exchanged experiences, and tested out methods such as mediation, adaptive leadership, and forum theater.

The GDL wants to involve all relevant stakeholders in its working process. These include big public and private institutions such as the Chicago Mayor’s Office and the Obama Foundation, as well as key partners of the GDL and several small and medium-sized local initiatives that deal with youth violence on the streets of Chicago.

During the upcoming lab, the working groups will test their projects locally. The Impact Lab will conclude with a presentation of the results of this year’s work and gather the necessary feedback to ensure sustainable impact beyond the Impact Lab.


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