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Dr. Angelika Starbatty

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About Angelika Starbatty (on parental leave)

Since her return from parental leave in 2017, Angelika Starbatty has again been in charge of the Lehr:werkstatt, an educational project that makes it possible for teachers and teacher trainees to form collaborative tandems for the duration of one school year. When it came to planning and piloting the project in 2011 and scaling it in subsequent years, Angelika benefitted from her ability to bring together people from different contexts and get them excited about a project or idea. This talent is now helping her in her program work at the BMW Foundation.

Her pronounced interest in strategic communication and interdisciplinary approaches manifested itself during her university year, when she studied General Rhetoric in Tübingen and earned her PhD on a fellowship from an interdisciplinary post-graduate program in Munich. Thanks to the cross-sector formats of the foundation, she now gets to further pursue this passion.

Angelika Starbatty is at her best in dynamic situations; thanks to her organizational skills, she remains calm even during unexpected situations or when faced with last-minute changes in plan. This became evident not only at different university departments and institutes, but also at the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG, where she planned, organized, and implemented a variety of events.

Longer stays abroad in Ontario, Paris, Tuscany, and London have not exhausted her enthusiasm for foreign countries. In her spare times, she therefore loves to travel with her husband and their two small children or get to know other countries and cultures through their novels and music.