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About Antje Pfahl

Antje Pfahl has been part of the communications team since October 2018 and brings many years of experience in PR and communications to her work for the BMW Foundation. Thus far in her career she has focused on public relations, strategic development, and management of integrated communication campaigns, internal communications, reputation management, and social media. Among the companies she has worked with are leading international brands and start-ups, including The Ritz-Carlton, Pepsi India, Paytm, and Groupon Germany. Antje holds a diploma in communication management from the University of Applied Sciences in Osnabrück.

She spent half of her working life in India, which was a truly mind- and heart-opening experience. Rethinking, being bold and creative, accepting challenges, and creating solutions – this is her motto. Antje loves to laugh, likes to inspire people, has a great curiosity, and believes that everyone has a story to tell. ‘The power of human stories’ is the driving force of her work, and human interactions are at its center. For her, there is nothing greater than learning, and being a lifelong student remains her mantra.

Antje is passionate about watercolor painting, and when she’s not out looking for new adventures, you’ll usually find her drawing and painting.