Barbara Müller

Regional Network Organizer
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About Barbara Müller

Barbara Müller currently explores how a not quite so big foundation such as the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt can do meaningful and impactful work in a big continent such as Asia. Here, she draws on previous Foundation programs in the region, but above all on her personal background: In the 1990s, she studied Chinese Studies as well as social and economic sciences in Hamburg and Beijing.

After a traineeship and freelance work for a daily newspaper and other publications, she soon abandoned her plans to become an Asia correspondent. But her interest in journalism and communication continued and manifested itself many years later in a very different way: From 2011, Barbara Müller set up the Communication and Media department of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, which she also directed for six years.

Now she is happy that her travels take her not so much from Berlin to Munich but from Mumbai to Shanghai and allow her to immerse herself in the current developments of this pulsating region.

Having had a happy childhood in rural East Westphalia, she is occasionally overcome by a longing for country life. At the same time, she knows that her hunger for culture and the arts is better served by a big city. While she has long had a rather changeable relationship with Berlin, she and the city are currently on excellent terms. An Indian friend told her why that is: “If you love Berlin, the city will love you back.”