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Benita Rosen

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About Benita Rosen

Benita Rosen has been part of the team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since May 2016. Important for her is the question of what kind of people need to come together to advance societal change in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. In this context, Benita first developed and initiated leadership formats – always with the goal of promoting responsible leadership. Today, Benita works in the field of impact investing where she promotes projects that facilitate the development of an impact investing ecosystem in Germany and raise awareness for this issue.

Ever since studying education and psychology, Benita has been excited about understanding and bringing together people and institutions, helping them realize their goals. She is convinced that social change can only succeed if it is cross-sectoral. She therefore chose to begin her career with the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft in Berlin, at the intersection of politics, education, and science. As part of a project initiated by the German Ministry of Education and Research, Benita coordinated expert groups that advance the digitalization strategies of German universities.

Benita was able to deepen this cross-sectoral work as a project manager with the Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung and its “Lehr:werkstatt” project. She helped scale the project beyond Bavaria in dialogue with governments, universities, and schools and later supervised its handover to external partners. In addition, Benita was responsible for the Stiftung’s alumni network.

Benita relaxes on the tennis court, in the mountains, or with an outdoors cup of coffee, enjoying the light of the transitional seasons.