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Carmen Leszynsky

+49 89 382 11628
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About Carmen Leszynsky

For the last six years, Carmen Leszynsky has organized a variety of local formats at the Foundation’s Munich office. For the last two years, the trained event management assistant has been excited about also being involved in the international events of the BMW Foundation.

Carmen’s main concern is the welfare of the participants, and she always has a sym-pathetic ear for their every need and problem. Here, she benefits from her many years of experience in the food service sector in Munich and her well-structured network of service providers and event agencies as well as from her ability to stay calm even under high levels of pressure and to find solutions to every situation.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in cultural and media management, she gained various experiences in the foundation sector. Carmen is convinced that foundations especially can have a positive impact on sustainable development through collaborating with socially minded service providers and consuming fair products.

In her spare time, she enjoys watery pursuits with her son or upcycles old furniture.