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Who is your hero?

Mafalda, a six-year old cartoon character who fought for social justice and world peace while growing up in the 1970s. Created by Quino, this little girl gave me an idea of who I wanted to be at a very young age and justified my dislike of soup. From her, I learned about peace (and war), women’s rights, and the United Nations. Funny enough, my two–year-old daughter (and her questions) has given me a new glimpse at this tiny hero after all these years.


About Carolina Sheinfeld

Carolina Sheinfeld migrated from Venezuela to Spain at the young age of three months and grew up in the Canary Islands, unaware of her migrant background. A voyager in spirit, she has lived in Europe, South and North America and briefly in Southeast Asia, learning about humanity and embracing connectedness. As a public diplomat for the past two decades, Carolina has focused her work around refugee and immigrant integration. Based in California, she has been able to build a solid network of social and legal service providers, strengthening the humanitarian sector in Southern California while trying to build resilience in her community of practice.  Currently, she works for the Los Angeles County Office of Education as an Immigrant Relations Coordinator, supporting the largest public school system in the United States.

Carolina is a Rotary Peace Fellow, a UN Alliance of Civilizations Fellow, and a founding member of the Welcoming Communities Transatlantic Exchange Network, a group of integration practitioners in the United States and Germany. She joined the BMW Foundation’s Responsible Leaders Network in 2015, which made her realize that change at a global level is possible when you are able to partner with amazing people. It’s not always about international actors and politics, it’s the people behind them.

Before becoming a mother, she was an avid runner and loved discovering the places she visited during morning runs. Today, she lives with her family and their dog Churro in Pasadena, California.