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Who is your hero?

Frederick Douglass.

About Chris Fowler

A born storyteller and creative problem solver, Chris was raised near Syracuse University in New York (USA) where he later earned his MBA. He has over fifteen years of experience in creative professional services and nearly ten in digital marketing and strategic communications, with that experience spanning across creative agencies, start-ups, and the foundation/NGO space. His collaborators and clients include the likes of the Case Foundation, ONE Campaign, My Brother’s Keeper Alliance, Rosetta Stone, and two hall-of-fame singer/songwriters.

Chris serves on the board of The New American Leaders Project, which is leading a national movement for inclusive democracy. It empowers first and second generation Americans to progress from the community to the capital. He is also a board member of the Self-Portrait Project and a charter member of the Transatlantic Core Group. Recently he was selected as an “element” in the 6th Global Diplomacy Lab.

An avid (but also a bit out of shape) footballer, Chris is a strong supporter of Liverpool Football Club and his beloved Syracuse University Orange. He and his partner Jennifer Herrera live in Fairfax County, Virginia (USA) with their two daughters, where they all enjoy listening to and playing music, camping and making the most of each day.