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Who is your hero?

Jacinda Ardern. I have many heroes but right now Jacinda Ardern stands out. She is the 40th Prime Minister of New Zealand and the first Prime Minister to have dealt with a terrorist attack, a deadly volcanic eruption, and a pandemic all in her first term of office. Her leadership style is focused on empathy rather than ego. At a time when every world leader is dealing with the exact same issue, the novel coronavirus, the world is seeing how a strong, female leader is putting her people first and setting her country up for success. We need more leaders like her!


About Chryssa Koulis

Chryssa Koulis was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, the child of immigrant parents who, after testing the waters in Germany, Switzerland, and the US, decided Canada was the most welcoming and inclusive country in which to raise their children. While other Canadian kids went to camp during the summer, Chryssa spent her summer vacations travelling around Greece visiting her large extended family, learning to swim and free dive, and becoming fluent in Greek. Her first solo trip was when she was eight years old, and she had no trouble getting around even when she was left unattended at airports because she has always loved people and talking.

Also, at the age of eight (it was a big year), Chryssa discovered she could not tolerate injustice of any kind. Her school in Flemington Park, a multicultural neighborhood primarily of immigrant families, had decided that students had to fundraise to pay their way to a week-long camping trip but that meant that underprivileged students would not be able to enjoy that experience. Chryssa was so driven by how wrong this felt that she sold enough Florida oranges to ensure that her entire class could go on the field trip together. And that started her life-long journey of trying to make the world a better place for everyone.

Chryssa currently runs the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Canada and is a Catalyst for the League of Intrapreneurs. As a Fellow of SSE, she founded Sidekicks, a social enterprise that provides meaningful and flexible work for youth facing barriers while supporting purpose-driven organizations. When she’s not at the park playing with her dog Zeus, she can be found noodling on new ideas to change the world and snacking on gelato.