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About Corinna Wübbolt

From an early age, Corinna Wübbolt has been interested in peoples and cultures. When she was 16, she went on a student exchange to the United States to broaden her horizons. It quickly became clear that she would choose a career in the international arena.

After completing her Abitur and a degree in hotel management, Corinna’s passion for event management started in the hospitality sector with its focus on the customer experience. This fascination took her to several international companies including Käfer, Lufthansa, and Four Seasons Hotels, where she made use of the latest trends and technologies to satisfy the needs and demands of international guests. Among other things, she designed and organized events for Adidas at the Olympic Summer and Winter Games in 1996 and 1998.

Her work as a manager and leader got her interested in staff motivation and development. An enthusiastic mentor to young people, she helps and supports them on their career path.

When Corinna, in 2003, received the offer from the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt to set up the field of event organization, she recognized it as an opportunity to organize international events and inspire individuals. Among the highlights of her work was the 2016 World Responsible Leaders Forum in Munich, featuring over 500 participants from 70 countries. She is especially proud of having successfully helped build a professional team that basically works like an event management agency. Since 2016, Corinna Wübbolt has been in charge of the Foundation’s Human Resources Department, which she is reorganizing with passion and enthusiasm.

In her spare time, she loves to spend her time outdoors – skiing, hiking, and swimming – together with her patchwork family that includes two children of her own. In addition, she still enjoys discovering new restaurant and hotel concepts.