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Cristina Umani

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About Cristina Umani

Cristina Umani joined the Foundation’s Berlin office in 2015 and currently serves as head of the Strategic and Organizational Development department. With more than ten years’ experience in both the profit and non-profit sectors, Cristina has always been convinced that social challenges can only be solved through cross-sector collaboration.

Her interest in organizational as well as societal questions manifested itself already during her studies. Cristina Umani graduated with a master’s degree in sociology from the University of Munich. While a student, she gained various practical experiences: She worked, for example, in the Communication Research department of Siemens AG and the Project department of CARE Germany-Luxembourg where she supported the German UN Millennium Development Goals campaign. A volunteer assignment at MINKA Perú, a Peruvian NGO focusing on the economic and social development of small and micro-enterprises, left her with a lasting impression and a deep connection to the region.

In 2009, Cristina Umani completed an internship at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. She subsequently worked at BMW Financial Services in Munich as an expert on anti-money laundering and anti-fraud management in more than ten European countries. During an international assignment Cristina set up an interdivisional Internal Control System at the French office. After four years of concentrating on good governance, Cristina decided to bring her expertise in finance and law into the field of strategic philanthropy. As Market Development Director of the European Venture Philanthropy Association, she was responsible for promoting venture philanthropy and social investment in Europe and, moreover, assisted the CEO in the organization’s strategic development. Cristina managed to increase the annual budget of the association by 40 percent.

Cristina loves her mother’s home-made Italian pasta and is a big yoga fan.