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Cristina Umani

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About Cristina Umani

Guiding organizations and individuals in transformative times is a passion of Cristina Umani. She strongly believes in the possibility of unlocking the potential of people and organizations to contribute to systemic change.

Cristina has held various leadership roles throughout her career. In March 2020, she was appointed Founding Director of a planned spin-off initiative of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. She is responsible for setting up an organization that catalyzes and scales leadership & community development beyond the scope of the Foundation. Previously, she served for three years as the BMW Foundation’s Head of Strategy and Organizational Development focusing on the Foundation’s strategic reorientation towards inspiring Responsible Leadership. Cristina crucially contributed to the re-shaping of the Foundation’s organizational structure, leadership formats, and community building approach.

Before that, Cristina worked as Market Development Director at the European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA). There, she was responsible for promoting venture philanthropy and social investment in Europe and, moreover, worked with the CEO on the strategic as well as organizational development of the association. Cristina managed to increase the association’s budget, ensured its financial sustainability and helped in re-shaping the organization. In doing so, she was able to rely on her expertise in finance, good governance, and change management, which she gained while working for BMW Financial Services in more than ten European countries. Over four years Cristina developed, designed, and implemented group-wide management tools and good governance processes and gained experience in dealing with mergers.

For business or leisure, Cristina loves to travel the world, searching for inspiration and seeking to broaden her horizons.