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Men, women, and children all over the world who are facing directly the injustices of the world.


About Denise Chaer

Since 2005, Denise has been consulting Brazilian companies in Corporate Sustainable Development, including Vale do Rio Doce, Natura, Santander Brazil, Amil Healthcare, and Pão de Açúcar. In 2015, Denise launched Novos Urbanos: a Social Innovation Platform for Consumption Behavior Change in partnership with The Presencing Institute along with Otto Scharmer and Marian Goodman.

In May 2015, Novos Urbanos started a Social Innovation Lab with a focus on shifting mindsets and patterns of behavior in the consumption of food and nutrition. Novos Urbanos is a cross-sector dialogue platform for representatives of civil society, academia, business, and government designed to generate innovative solutions.

Denise was born in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, in Ipanema, and grew up in Ganeshpuri, India. She has worked in human and social development, leading various projects in India, Senegal, Portugal, and the United States.

Personally, Denise’s goal is to live healthy and happy at the same time that she is leading an organization committed to creating social impact with very little human and financial resources.