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Elisabeth Benz

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About Elisabeth Benz

Picking up loose ends and pulling them together – this is what Elisabeth, who has been part of the Foundation’s team since March 2010, enjoys most.

During her time at the Eberhard von Kuenheim Stiftung of the BMW AG, she has given young teacher trainees, through the so-called “Lehr:werkstatt,” a chance to get to know their future job for one year under real-life conditions and with the support of a mentor. She loved both the varied tasks related to project development and management and the opportunity to get a variety of partners interested and involved in this endeavor of making teacher training more practical.

Before joining the Foundation, Elisabeth developed a platform designed to promote and improve the networking between schools and the workworld. Today, this platform has evolved into the biggest internship website for school students.

After her return from parental leave, she now pulls together the many strands on Prater Island, where she helps make the Stiftungshaus, with its focus on the topic of Invest, an inspiring and pioneering hub for network partners, foundations, and companies working in the fields of impact investing, venture philanthropy, innovation, and sustainable economy.

As diverse as her responsibilities appear to be – they all have in common that one needs to take into account many different aspects and enlist the cooperation of many different partners. Elisabeth laid the foundations for that kind of work during her interdisciplinary studies of International Cultural and Business Studies in Passau and in several positions in Italy, as well as during her training to become a fundraising manager (FA), which she completed alongside her job. For several years, she also worked part-time for one of Europe’s biggest aid organizations by supporting them in building and implementing professional corporate fundraising.

Several times a year, Elisabeth feels herself to be a strand that, in connection with many others, creates something that is bigger than the sum of its parts: this is when she performs with her orchestra, ideally in the sold-out Herkulessaal at the Munich Residenz.