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Dr. Frank Niederländer

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About Dr. Frank Niederländer

Dr. Frank Niederländer joined the Board of Directors of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in January 2018.

A native of Saarbrücken, he is influenced by the cultural diversity of his home region and the related challenge of helping shape a peaceful Europe. He consequently chose a bilingual educational path: a German-French Abitur, a joint degree from Saarland University and the École Supérieure de Commerce de Lyon, first work experiences in Paris and Brussels.

After a first career post with Renault in Paris, he joined the BMW Group in 1991 as a member of an international trainee program. In parallel with his dissertation, he continued his career with BMW, working in R&D, sales, and corporate and financial planning.

Since 2002, Frank Niederländer has held various management positions, including in the fields of development strategy, innovation management, international brand strategy, and the product management of the BMW compact class. Not least being in charge of international restructuring projects gave him an opportunity to significantly help shape the BMW Group’s core business, from strategic management to the new development of airbag modules.

Frank Niederländer is married and lives with his wife and three children on Lake Starnberg. He admires the lakeside environment as an antithesis to the pulsating metropoles he also loves. In appreciation of his origins and cultural background, he is driven by an indefatigable desire to help build more tolerant and sustainable societies in Europe and the world.