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Gordian Wüst

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Who is your hero?

Yuval Noah Harari – because his books make me feel like I understand the world a little bit better.

About Gordian Wüst

Gordian has been a member of the Finance and Controlling team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, based at the Foundation’s Munich office, since July 2020.

Before that, Gordian worked for four years first at a mid-size law firm and then at KPMG in the fields of business consultancy and annual audit. Convinced that economic success is not an end in itself but needs to create added value for society, he deliberately decided to put the focus of his consultancy work on the public sector and foundations. Gaining insights into the work of nonprofit organizations reinforced Gordian’s desire to make a personal contribution to solving pressing social and global problems.

Gordian laid the foundations for his professional career by studying business administration at the University of Munich (LMU) and the University of Regensburg. Besides deepening his knowledge of corporate accounting and finance, he deliberately selected course modules dealing with socio-political issues as well as the compatibility of business and social responsibility. As part of semesters abroad and internships, Gordian also had the opportunity to live in cities such as Paris, Sydney, and Oxford, which only furthered his enthusiasm for other cultures and ways of life.

A Munich native, Gordian very much savors what his hometown has to offer: he loves to ski and bike in the mountains, swim in the nearby lakes or in the Isar river, and take the city as a starting-point for trips south, and he actively supports the city’s only professional-level soccer team.