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Ianessa Norris

Executive Assistant
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Who is your hero?

My sons, my parents, and the very real everyday (media) heroes who are not afraid to call even the most outrageous things by their name – and thus restore our faith in humanity.

About Ianessa Norris

Ianessa Norris joined the team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in October 2016 as assistant to the directors Dr. Michael Schaefer and Markus Hipp. This means that, every day, she receives as many e-mails in her inbox as all her colleagues combined. In addition, she sifts through snail mail, picks up the phone every five minutes, and finds just the right time slot in the appointment calendar for almost every request.

Having studied media science and literature, she prepared for the job during a three-year stint as a freelance project manager, painter, and graphic designer in the Schöneweide arts scene: first as an assistant, later as a curator and organizer of the Kunst am Spreeknie festival’s main exhibition “Zentralstation” (Central Station) with over 70 artists – of whom at least 69 are rather idiosyncratic people.

As the middle child of three siblings, Ianessa has been endowed from birth, as it were, with the ability to flexibly adapt to changing environments. This has also stood her in good stead in her work: be it as a project manager in the multimedia industry, as an assistant in a film production office, or as an editorial assistant for a review publication. At the globally active BMW Foundation, Ianessa’s international background also comes in handy: Born in the United States to a Colombian mother and a Swabian father, she is fluent in English, German (everything except dialects), and enough Romance languages to not starve in the countries where they are spoken.

Ianessa is convinced that everything we do in life has meaning, sooner or later. Now she only needs to drive this home to her two sons when it is their turn to do the dishes. But idiosyncratic people are, after all, her specialty.