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Ilsabe von Campenhausen

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About Ilsabe von Campenhausen

Ilsabe von Campenhausen has been responsible for designing and organizing leadership formats at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since June 2009. After having worked in the fields of intercultural consultancy, development aid, and demographics and in places including Germany, England, France, Malaysia, and China, her focus on the Foundation’s varied Responsible Leaders Network for the first time weaves together all these disparate strands.

Civil society and civic engagement are topics that have been a part of Ilsabe’s life forever: While still at school, she fought for nature and environmental protection in the early stages of the German environmental movement. During her studies, she looked at forms of participation in ancient Greece in Homer and learned to engage critically with texts and sources – an invaluable tool especially in times of “fake news.”

Ilsabe is married with three children and a sprawling extended family. Since she and her family live in Hamburg, while the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt has its offices in Berlin and Munich, she is a regular customer of Deutsche Bahn – and very much appreciates the advantages of working from home.