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About Janina Kliem

Janina Kliem has worked as a trainee in the communication team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since December 2017. It’s the ideal job where she can apply both her practical experiences and the knowledge she gained at university.

Writing texts, conducting interviews, producing social media campaigns – Janina learned the journalistic tools of the trade at various places, including the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (Federal Agency for Civic Education), the radio station Radio Köln, the international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, the publisher Axel Springer SE, and the public broadcaster WDR. In addition, she spent her Federal Volunteers Service in the communication department of the Stiftung Naturschutz Berlin, and was active in the student radio station and the debating club.

Those who know Janina know that she loves talking to people – whether it’s while cradling a cup of coffee or while running. She also loves writing. It’s a skill that came in very useful during her studies. She earned her master’s degree in political science, with a focus on European politics, in Cologne. Before that, she had completed her bachelor’s degree in Tübingen and spent a year abroad in the United States.

Joining the BMW Foundation meant moving to Berlin. A native of Berlin, she is happy to be back in her hometown. But if she had the opportunity to live for some time in San Francisco or Sydney, she probably wouldn’t say No.