Jennifer Bishop

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Who is your hero?

I admire several billionaire women including Anna Wintour, Coco Chanel, and Oprah Winfrey. I really admire their strength and dignity as women in business, entrepreneurs, and world changers.


About Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer Bishop joined the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network in 2018 after participating in the Global Pro Bono Network for several years and hosting the Asia Pacific Pro Bono Summit in Sydney, Australia, in 2017, partially funded by the BMW Foundation. She moved to the UK in 2018 and volunteered with the BMW Foundation’s UK Responsible Leaders Network and in 2020 took over the Network Driver role in partnership with Tom Rippin.

Jennifer works as a marketing manager for the global development organization VSO and as a marketing consultant. Her passions are communications, bringing people together and building robust and sustainable networks and enterprises. She founded a start-up consultancy in Australia, helping corporates deliver pro bono services, and kicked off the Australian Pro Bono Network, which is a member driven network of top tier companies in Australia sharing tools and strategies to enhance their pro bono and community engagement.

Jennifer loves to travel and has lived in more than six countries and visited many more. She loves literature and writes regularly on her personal blog and has completed several feature screenplays. She is active in her church community and enjoys swimming, cycling and hiking. Jennifer has a Bachelor of English Literature from the University of Queensland, a Master of Education from Queensland University of Technology, and a Master of Divinity from the Australian College of Theology.