Jessica von Farkas

Regional Network Organizer
+49 89 382 11633
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About Jessica von Farkas

Jessica von Farkas has been with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since 2014, supporting people who throw themselves into tackling social challenges.

Her last name, von Farkas (Hungarian for “wolf”), she owes to her Hungarian grandfather, but this has been the extent of her connections to this country so far. Jessica was born in the United States, grew up in Germany, and her mother’s family is from Mexico where she has spent her long summer vacations from an early age. Her second home opened Jessica’s eyes and heart for a different, multi-faceted, and colorful culture. But she also got to know poverty in its various guises and met children for whom attending school was unfortunately no matter of course.

This strengthened her desire to change something. She only learned later that this “something” is called social inclusion, equality of opportunity, fighting discrimination and impunity, and many other things. But her desire persisted and guided her on her path.

So, despite the reservations of her family who thought there was no money in her career aspirations, she began to study political science and international law in Munich in 2007. After stints with a human rights organization in Costa Rica, the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the German Institute for International and Security Affairs, and the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Washington, D.C., Jessica found her professional happiness at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

While studying, Jessica worked for seven years in an office for IT forensics, which left her with an abiding fascination for digital developments at the intersection with basic democratic rights.

If Jessica is not eagerly exploring this interface or volunteering with the NGO Genocide Alert e.V., she loves travelling, scuba diving, good food, and lately has been getting hooked on the way too exciting Netflix productions.