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Johannes Weber

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About Johannes Weber

Johannes Paul Weber is mainly responsible for activities in the field of impact investing – an issue he had advanced already at the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation and the Bertelsmann Foundation. Among other things, Johannes has contributed to a handbook on impact investing specifically aimed at German foundations and helped implement a pilot fund for Mission Related Investments.

Before joining the foundation sector, he gained experiences in a variety of other fields. After studying political science and history in Innsbruck, Johannes first moved to Frankfurt/Main where he was a researcher at an interdisciplinary research cluster working on the relationship between foreign policy and international relations as well as changes in foreign-policy practices throughout history. His time in “Mainhattan” opened up new perspectives on the world and made theoretical school of thoughts much more tangible. Moreover, he gained insight into the workings of the academic system and first came into contact with foundations.

Johannes has also experience in public administration. During a one-year public administration internship at the Austrian foreign ministry, he dealt with security and defense policy issues and got an inside look at the diplomatic apparatus. Although he continues to be fascinated by diplomacy, he chose the more dynamic foundation sector, where he also discovered his passion for impact investing.

A native of Austria, Johannes is, of course, an enthusiastic skier and mountain climber.