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Katharina Schlabitz

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About Katharina Schlabitz (on parental leave)

Katharina Schlabitz joined the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt in 2012, still freshly inspired by a six-month backpacking trip through South America. At the foundation, she is able to fully indulge her love of far-away countries and exciting places, since her work in the field of event organization takes her to places around the globe.

A gifted organizer, she has a weakness for Excel charts, multitasking, and efficient information management. At the foundation, she introduced the current database and event apps, and ever since has patiently fought for a foundation-wide, loving acceptance of these modern tools.

Before joining the BMW Foundation, Katharina organized e-learning conferences in various African countries. Collaborating with her colleagues on the ground has been a cross-border experience that has left its mark both professionally and personally.

Katharina studied English and political science in Jena, as well as“ Culture, Communication and Globalisation“ in Aalborg (Denmark), where she earned her master’s degree in 2005.

She likes to practice yoga and is learning chess to wean herself from her social media obsession. If you want  to challenge her, feel free to ask her for her app and username.