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Katia Dumont

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About Katia Dumont

Katia joined the BMW Foundation as the Network Organizer for Southwestern Europe in early 2020. Prior to joining the Foundation, Katia was a consultant for foundations and social enterprises in venture philanthropy. She spent various years setting up and building the regional chapter for the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs based out of Mexico City, where she enabled and facilitated a community of stakeholders for the small and growing business sector.

Early in her career she worked with marginalized communities in Central America, in order to co-create and build social and economic development projects ad-hoc to their needs. Throughout her professional career she has found a passion for new facilitation methods, ways in which to create inclusive spaces and how collaboration with multi-stakeholder actors can bring about innovation for a sustainable future.

Katia’s fascination with how humans behave and construct their realities, led her to pursue a master’s degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford. Her interest in ecosystems sparked the passion to create a regenerative future and to explore permaculture and the broader human/nature system that supports it.

Katia is an avid traveler, searching for new cuisines and awe-inspiring nature. She is always up for a coffee and enjoys great non-fiction books and novels, yoga as well as a good music concert.