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Kerstin von Aretin

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Who is your hero?

I don’t want to single out anyone specific, but it would probably be a woman.

About Kerstin von Aretin

Kerstin von Aretin loves to constantly explore new worlds. She is fascinated by systemic and interdisciplinary thinking and the important role that communication plays in that process. As a manager, consultant, facilitator, and certified coach working for industry, agencies, public organizations, and foundations, she has gained a wide range of skills and competences in the last thirty years. From project management and communication strategy to fundraising and publications to developing corporate visions and designing event formats and awards: Kerstin von Aretin has promoted a wide variety of themes and topics and thus built contacts and knowledge.

In 2015, Kerstin decided to contribute to the development of sustainability and the new balance of people-planet-profit also in her professional life and joined the BMW Foundation. Key successes at the Foundation include the strategic development of the RISE Cities concept, the Denkraum format and its European expansion, as well as the implementation of the Impact Salon idea at the Foundation’s Munich location.

Prior to that, relevant milestones include setting up the Stiftung AtemWeg, a foundation dedicated to research into lung disease, and supervising the change process of the Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health.

Kerstin has also been influenced by her ten-year management career in corporate communications with  Hoechst and Aventis Pharma. Kerstin got to know the pharmaceutical company as a senior consultant of a large PR agency in Frankfurt, where she had moved after earning a master’s degree in German, English, and sociology in Hanover and Liverpool.

Frankfurt is also the birthplace of her three children – Helen, Clara, and Arthur. Today, she lives with her partner, her youngest child, and her old dog Enno in the foothills of the Alps between Murnau and Munich. Friends, yoga, reading, spending time in nature, and her interest in shamanic knowledge are where Kerstin finds sources of strength and balance.