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Kerstin von Aretin

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Who is your hero?

Helene Kilders, class teacher at the Free Waldorf School in Rosenheim.

About Kerstin von Aretin

Kerstin von Aretin loves to constantly explore new worlds. During her twenty-five years as a manager, consultant, facilitator, and certified coach working for industry, agencies, public organizations, and foundations, she has gained a wide range of skills and competences. From project management and media strategy to fundraising and publications to developing corporate visions and presenting journalism awards: she has thrown herself into a wide variety of topics and tasks and thus built contacts and knowledge.

Her agile work at the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt stands to benefit from it. Important milestones include: developing the denkraum project for the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation; setting up the Stiftung AtemWeg, a foundation dedicated to research into lung disease; and supervising the change process of the Helmholtz Zentrum München – German Research Center for Environmental Health.

Her career also took her abroad: While holding a management position in corporate communications with Hoechst, she regularly traveled to the United States, France, and Japan for Aventis Pharma. She first got to know the pharmaceutical company as a senior consultant of a large PR agency in Frankfurt, where she had moved after earning a master’s degree in German, English, and sociology in Hanover and Liverpool.

Frankfurt is also the birthplace of her three children – Helen, Clara, and Arthur. Today, she lives with her children, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Enno, and the meter-long corn snake Sito forty kilometers outside of Munich near the Alps. In her spare time, she volunteers as a mentor in the JOBLINGE “Kompass” program for refugees. Friends, yoga, mountain hiking, and exploring shamanic knowledge is where Kerstin draws strength for her rather eventful life.