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Laura Bastine

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About Laura Bastine

Laura Bastine is the Foundation’s contact for all matters relating to social cohesion, democracy and civic engagement. Together with several cooperation partners, including the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs and major foundations, she is promoting the strategic development of engagement structures. Alternatively, you can find her as a planner, moderator or host at various forums and Impact Sessions.

A political scientist by training (with an old-school master’s degree, as she likes to emphasize), she previously worked in a variety of sectors: prior to coordinating a leadership program for a nonprofit in Berlin, she was responsible for the corporate volunteering activities of the Frankfurt-based Deutsche Börse Group. In between, she spent two years at a European research institute.

Driven by curiosity and the desire to grow, Laura Bastine pursued a master’s in Nonprofit Management and Governance at the Centre for Social Investment at the University of Heidelberg while working full-time.

She has a great passion for European countries that start with an “I” and where she has spent several months at a time. What she loves most, however, is dancing – no Berghain clubbing, but Argentine tango.