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Lucie Donadille

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About Lucie Donadille

Since March 2020, Lucie has brought her skills, experiences, and new perspectives to the Events team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

Based on her many years of experience in the live communication sector, Lucie became increasingly aware of what really drives her: implementing formats that, through the creation of inspirational places, raise awareness for sustainability and emphasize emotional, human encounters.

Born in the southern Black Forest, raised bilingually (German and French), and having travelled and moved a lot from an early age, Lucie studied international tourism and event management. After several stays abroad, she began to work right after graduation for the creative agency circ. First in Wiesbaden, later in Munich and Berlin, she was responsible for organizing and realizing sophisticated event concepts at an international level – including everything from executive conferences, dialogue formats to launch events and strategic consulting services. A meaningful concept, the implementation of playful elements, and the aspiration to leave a lasting impression on the participants were essential elements – a thorough organization and clear communication essential skills.

Gathering with family and friends around good food is as much a part of her life as being outside – both ideally with a view of the sea.