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Max Klitzke

Team Assistant
+49 30 3396 3500
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About Max Klitzke

Max has been part of the Berlin team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since September 2019. As team assistant, he is in charge of coordinating all logistical, business-administrative, and gastronomical tasks.

Max loves hospitality and international encounters, which first became apparent during a student exchange in Oregon. Besides the fact that he is still in close touch with his guest family, his stay also resulted in him doing pro-bono work for the exchange program AFS. In the following years, he participated in selecting, preparing, and sending new exchange students as part of the program.

His hospitality was also essential in his choice of career. After completing his Abitur, Max exchanged the Baltic Sea for the Spree River and his North German home for Berlin. There, he completed his training as a hotel clerk and started his international journey through various hotels and restaurants. In Galway, he developed a passion for Irish culture, which he rediscovered after his return as a service manager in an Irish pub. He subsequently worked as a shift and operational manager in a restaurant group.

Although Max regularly discovers wonderful new things about the German capital, he prefers to take a break from the big city by taking long hikes, and he can hardly imagine anything better than waking up in a hammock by a lake – be it in Brandenburg or in Sweden.