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Michael Geissler

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About Michael Geissler

Since November 2019, Michael has been a member of the BMW Foundation’s Event team in Berlin, where he organizes the different leadership formats worldwide with great enthusiasm and passion for detail.

He likes to get to know foreign cultures and to meet new people. Here, it is important for him to give meaning to his travels. Before each trip, he therefore asks himself: “What will I get out of the trip?” and “What will the place and/or the people that live there get out of the fact that I was there?” The trip he likes to remember most is a seven-month trip through Central America where he volunteered in different projects in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.

As a big fan of the Spanish lifestyle, Michael in 2012 made a big dream come true and moved to Barcelona for several years. There, he worked, among other things, for an international hotel chain in the field of event management. The many hours of sunshine and relaxed vibes, the culinary and cultural diversity, and not least the friendly and easy-going nature of the Catalonians inspired him to write a travel guide and, together with his wife, produce a podcast about Barcelona.

In his professional life, Michael was looking for a possibility to combine his passion for event management with social meaning. As a result, Michael in 2018 moved to Berlin to work as sales and event manager at the inclusion hotel Rossi: he particularly cared about collaborating as equals and empowering impaired people.

In his spare time, Michael likes to romp around on beach volleyball courts or to play the ukulele at home. His favorite relaxation techniques are cooking and meditation, and he loves to spend his evenings at small concerts and (improv) shows.