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Nadine Kambach

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Who is your hero?

Papa Schlumpf – single father of 100 children!

About Nadine Kambach

Nadine makes her home in the Finance department of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt. This was not always the case, however – during her early days at the Foundation, she could be seen bustling around the executive floor as an assistant.

Nadine learned the ropes at the BMW Group, where she meticulously controlled and analyzed the company’s figures using endless Excel spreadsheets. A student job with Astro TV laid the basis for her professional success: As a call center agent, she focused on nothing less than the mystery of the future. This visionary talent stood her in good stead during her business studies, especially before exams, and during her training as a bank clerk.

More than anything else she loves to explore Berlin and its environs with her two children. If you look for inside tips on fabulous playgrounds, ask Nadine! Feeling personally beholden to the “B” in BMW, she prefers to spend her vacations in Bavaria. Communication problems? No way! The native of Berlin switches easily between “Berliner Schnauze,” accent-free High German, and a tourist light version of Bavarian. Naturally, Nadine is a popular conversation partner north and south of the “Weißwurstäquator.”