Osama Abdelmoghni

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Who is your hero?

The human being.


About Osama Abdelmoghni

Osama was born to an Egyptian father and an Iraqi mother. He went to school in Libya, lived for ten years in Cairo, and is now based in Paris. Since the age of 27, he has visited more than 100 cities and has read more than 100 books. He teaches an undergraduate course at ESCP Paris and always asks his students to do a lot of both: reading and traveling.

Osama works mainly in tech, always on the hunt for exciting startup ideas, especially ones that aim to achieve more than simple financial profit. He started programming at the age of 18 and has never stopped since. Before moving to Paris, he established a social enterprise in Cairo – where he now has a team of ten software developers. He currently works as a CTO in Paris and has one foot in the corporate world and the other in the startup ecosystem, even though his heart remains around the world and his mind within his growing personal library.

After his MBA, Osama started working with the BMW Foundation, trying to bridge cultural gaps between different individuals and entities within and around the France and Benelux region. In doing so, he uses his background in business and tech as well as his fascination with languages to help him open familiar doors to less charted territories.

Osama loves good coffee and the fact that it has become easier to obtain one almost in every city of the world!