Renata Faria

Regional Network Organizer
+55 11 9944 12665
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About Renata Faria

As a member of the Responsible Leaders Network since 2011, Renata got to know many amazing people in the network and also at the BMW Foundation. This motivated her to serve the network and the Foundation, first as a Network Driver and then as a Network Organizer for Latin America, a role she took on in April 2020.

She is a biologist, passionate about people and nature. Thanks to her Masters in Environmental Science she had the incredible opportunity to live with a recently contacted indigenous group in the Amazon. She learned so much from them that she decided to keep working with different ethnic groups all over the Brazilian Amazon. She worked as a consultant for social and environmental programs and for a couple of years she was coordinating the biggest territorial management program for indigenous lands in Brazil.

Being passionate about connecting people and social innovation, she founded an international movement of meditation in public spaces called MeditaNaRua (StreetMeditation). The movement has brought together a great diversity of people from different cultures, ages and backgrounds in 116 cities in 19 countries, on every continent of the world.

Having the opportunity to do meditation workshops for senior executives and at international festivals of social innovation, she learned that meditation is not only a tool for personal change; it also has the potential to create a more peaceful and just world. When people change, societies change.

Besides her obvious passion for meditation, she loves to experience different cultures, learn new things, dance, and spend quality time with her loved ones, especially if it is by the sea or in the forest.