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Sabine Kuschel

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About Sabine Kuschel

In November 2019, Sabine moved from the private to the foundation sector and has since then headed the Human Resources team of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.

She studied psychology and business administration at the University of Münster and at RWTH Aachen. She began her career in the international trainee program of the BMW Group. In-depth experiences in different human resources areas have laid the foundation for her passion for human resource work.

Since 1995, she held various leadership positions at BMW Group in human resources management, human resources and organizational development, and in major transformation projects. She worked in Munich, Johannesburg, London, and Berlin. Lastly, she was responsible for qualifications, events, and corporate culture in the management board’s HR for top-level executives. She passionately helped define innovative leadership formats and the development of corporate values.

Convinced that more cross-sector openness and connections can generate new opportunities for the future of society and business, she is a fervent advocate of diversity, lifelong learning, and value-based, impactful and responsible leadership.

Sabine lives with her family near Munich. As a result of her volunteer work with refugees, the family today also includes a young man from Eritrea.