Sandra Ortiz Diaz

Regional Network Organizer
+49 30 3396 3542
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About Sandra Ortiz Diaz

Sandra Ortiz has worked for the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt since 2012. She spends most of her time in Latin America helping to foster and strengthen the regional   Responsible Leaders Network.

Born in Mexico City, Sandra Ortiz Diaz came to Hamburg as an au pair at the age of 19 and stayed on in order to study. With a background in art therapy and a master’s degree in Cultural Management and Media Management, Sandra for more than six years organized national and international exhibitions for the social enterprise Dialogue in the Dark, spending lengthy periods of time in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and the United States. She has also worked as an intercultural trainer, moderator, and mentor.

In the course of her career, Sandra has acquired strong management experience by being responsible for operational, personnel, and planning development as well as the implementation of diverse projects around the world. At the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, she applies her skills to planning and coordinating the Foundation’s work in Latin America. The main goal: establishing an agile network infrastructure in the region and building strong relationships with relevant actors, projects, and institutions.

Sandra is passionate about connecting people and ideas and promoting social change. Because of her international background, she easily adapts to new roles and environments. Colleagues cherish her charismatic and entertaining personality, her strong ethics and unmatched communication skills: She speaks seven languages, including German, French, and sign language. She is a great singer, too, and owns the secret recipe for the best frijoles in the world.